About OWL


A formal license is TBD, but it is intended to be free for personal & commercial use.

However, as an OWL programmer, you are prohibited from arguing on the Internet. =)


Please post bug reports & feedback at the Github project.


Q: What are you adding next?

Please see the Roadmap.

Q: What is the official way to spell “OWL”?

Officially, it’s all uppercase: “OWL”. It’s a recursive acronym for “OWL Web Language”.

But in casual use, you can use “Owl” or “owl”.

It is pronounced “Ow-ull”, like the bird. “Oh double-you ell” (as an acronym) is just too hard to say.


Here are some of the projects that inspired parts of OWL.

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Markdown
CSS: Twitter Bootstrap, Normalize, Skeleton
PHP: Laravel, Stringy


This software is supplied “as is” without any guarantees, warranties, or support. We assume no responsibility or liability for the use of the software.


OWL was created by Joe Lesko in 2017.

All Rights Reserved.