OWL Web Language

OWL is a new language for building dynamic websites.

  •  Compiles to PHP, so it's quick & available everywhere.
  •  More secure & easier to use than PHP alone.
  •  Includes a library of essential web development features.

A Quick Look 

// Hello :)
print('Hello World!');

// OWL has a familiar JavaScript-like syntax.
let animals = ['squirrel', 'deer', 'sparrow'];

// The Web module has methods for common tasks, like
// returning a complete HTML5 document.
    title:        'Forestbook',
    description:  'The sylvan social network.',
    body:         friendsHtml(animals),

// Template functions let you include HTML directly
// in your scripts. (With new HTML shortcut tags!)
template friendsHtml(friends) {

    <h1>> My Forest Friends
    :: for (friend in friends) {
        <li>> {{ friend.toUpperCaseFirst() }}
    :: }


Built on PHP (The Good Parts) 

You don’t need to know PHP to use OWL.

When you update your OWL code, it’s automatically transpiled to PHP. No extra steps are necessary — just edit and refresh.

Because it’s cached, your site is always running the final PHP code.

See How OWL compares to PHP.

Web Framework 

OWL includes almost everything you need for a modern website:


By default, OWL defends against the most common security risks.

Some of the improvements over standard PHP:


Out of the box, PHP is more than fast enough for most apps. But you can benefit even more by the huge speed gains in PHP 7, or an opcode cache like APC.

OWL provides a built-in Perf module to identify any performance bottlenecks in your app (usually database calls).

Is OWL Right For Me? 

Right now, OWL is best for single-server web apps. This includes anything you would run on a shared web host. (e.g. content-driven sites, blogs, forums, home pages, etc.)

It aims to be useful for programmers of all levels: From novices with a little programming experience, to experienced programmers looking for a quick web development tool.

Give It a Try 

OWL is still in Beta, but if you’d like to try it out, it’s owlready capable of making basic web apps.

Check out the Get Started page.